Best Password Manager Programs

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Why Use Password Managers?

The internet is a scary place. We have passwords because we need to protect everything that we have laid out on the world wide web. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we have our entire life on the internet!

Many security researchers and experts strongly recommend that everyone should be using password managers because they do a remarkable job of offering a much better combination of convenience and security. Most people either use repetitive passwords or have bits of information in their passwords like their name, their date of birth, etc. A password manager generates long, random passwords across your various online accounts and also stores those passwords.

We do all of our banking online nowadays, including car payments and credit cards. We apply for loans, we keep up with our credit and we buy any household goods to have them delivered right to our door.

We also have many social accounts with personal information and communication. It is said that each email account is connected to up to 130 different accounts. That’s a lot of passwords. Most of us can’t even keep up with all of our children’s birthdays! In comes a password manager to save the day.